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I’ve taken pictures of, like, Cosmo. Cosmo is great. I’ve taken pictures of Ciesay, Blondey McCoy, Lucien Clarke, JGrrey, 67, Milkavelli, quite a few people, yeah. — 10:19
Everything nowadays, as I said, is through connections. — 10:24
Belgard Two is already in the process. — 11:29
Now that I’ve done this project, and done all these other projects with Belgard, with all these brands, people, creatives…it’s really opened my eyes to how a photo can make you see what’s inside a person. — 15:56

With the aim to champion substance and depth within streetwear culture, EJDER’s Editorial platform launches today with an investigation debunking the myth of ‘being-too-young-to-work’ with Arthur Richardson and his magazine, Belgard. Read the full article here: