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0.1: The White Door by 3.Paradis


Perhaps Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung, 3.Paradis’ Creative Directors, have a cherished garden in their respective households or even small pots of cherry blossom hoarded around their studio. ‘0.1: The White Door’ marks the label’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection and, suffice it to say, the floral influence is charismatic.

The fluorescent and graceful nature of Japan’s cherry blossom is everywhere – even in the light elongated jackets and partly quilted sweatshirts – but it is mixed with a clean, spirited treatment that plays with contemporary trends of high-end fashion. “Known by the excellence of the fruit flowers” was Raymond’s verse for the collection. The rhyme came through in Japanese cherry blossom prints on bomber jackets, slim trousers and an array of tops that offered a pleasing appreciation of spring and summer’s florae.

There is a brilliant, soothing feeling to the blossom covered wear, but for the most park, ‘The White Door’ still actively reinforces 3.Paradis’ monochromatic signature. Monochrome jackets, sweatshirts, trousers and shorts are styled against the body to form a loose, yet tailored look that also resembles sportswear. But what is truly on parade is 3.Paradis’ ability to adapt some of fashion’s key trends and create personalised silhouettes, as well as maintain a unique signature within their wear.

We are happy to announce that ‘0.1: The White Door’ by 3.Paradis will be available soon at EJDERFORLIFE.

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