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3.Paradis “0.0′ Film by EFL

Demonstrating an almost passionate devotion to realising the person vision of 3.PARADIS designers Emeric Tchatchoua & Raymond Cheung, EjderForLife’s latest venture included styling and co-producing a film for the fashion house’s debut 0.0 Collection.

The hollow, gospel harmonic voice that resonated throughout the “video-lookbook” might have been envisioned to induce a quiet meditative mood, but the quick and fluid motions of models Anna Carradice-French, Dimeji Sadiq and Jay Wood immediately carry us away to a world overripe with the duality of black and white, a core concept to 3.PARADIS’ 0.0 collection.

The ensuing visuals of the collection plays out as a battle between black – in the form of 0.0’s diffuse digitally printed ‘AHNIKA’ sweatshirt and it’s cotton fleece, under layered lambskin leather sweatshirt ‘LEONI’ – and white, which manifests itself as the collection’s long sleeve Italian lambskin leather bomber ‘ADRYANNA’ and silk organza t-shirt, ‘TRACY’. The upbeat energy and styling of the film excellently exemplifies the passionate mixture of traditional and avant-garde wear that embodies 3.PARADIS’ debut collection, 0.0 collection.


Production Credits:

Modelled By: Anna Carradice-French, Dimeji Sadiq and Jay Wood
Styled By: EjderForLife
Music By: Aiden Hogarth, Samo Castillano
MUA: Lindsey Cole
Graphics: Aidan Cochrane
Produced By: Robin Bharaj, EjderForLife
Directed and Filmed By: Robin Bharaj

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