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3.Paradis at D Moment


The drums of arrival have not yet settled on Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung, the Creative Directors of 3.PARADIS, but their debut at the inaugural D Moment fashion showcase for emerging designers has brought a clearer understanding of the Parisian brand’s concepts.

CAPSULE 0.0 marked the 3.PARADIS’ first collection and saw an introduction of monochromatic streetwear that seized a crux of (high-end) fashion. Now, with their latest collection, 3.PARADIS has elevated their conceptions of streetwear into fashion, rather than merely gripping and using it as a design reference.

The ensuing collection, ‘0.1: The White Door’, pulls it’s inspiration from classic sportswear, Japan and the promise and beauty that are found in cherry blossoms and most importantly the nature of flowers. Classic garments, such as the bomber jacket and kimono, are modernized to fit an oversized and tailored aesthetic while the use of (graphic) printing is used to bring colour and enthusiasm to the mainly monochromatic collection.

Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung have created a strong signature for themselves, the mixture of street and high-end fashion against a monochromatic framework that enforces strong silhouettes have allowed the duo to capture an advancement in contemporary menswear.

We are happy to announce that ‘0.1: The White Door’ by 3.Paradis will be available in the coming weeksat EJDERFORLIFE.

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