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448c & Gioventú NYC Capsule

27“A cleaner more fashionable approach”, maybe that’s what echoed through the collective mind of Glyn Brown of 448c & C Giannetti of Gioventú NYC when they assembled their first joint capsule collection. By stripping away the trending streetwear aesthetic – long t-shirts, an excess of zippers and the formidable use of leather – 448c and Gioventu NYC subverted their past and re-emerged anew with a novel take on contemporary street fashion.

Clean and fashionable it may be, but it’s also uniform. Thinking monochrome, the designers’ choice of largely black, white and shades of green felt dubious. But the palette swallowed most of the details that make the collection fascinating. The interest here comes at the stitch and detail level. White bomber jackets are made out of white satin whilst the black variant are constructed with waterproof poplin, with both having graphic layering that is inspired by the peeling wheat-paste posters of New York City. French terry cotton sweaters are furnished with lightweight mesh sleeves that allow for breathability in the summer and bomber jackets are equipped with zipper cigarette pouches and holders.

There is a great emphasis on sport and utility, but what is most clever about the collection is the binding of streetwear and street culture into the tailoring of each piece. But, is this the most exciting collection we have received from Glyn Brown and Giannetti? It is certainly the most fashionable. All it takes is a glance at the level of detail that is presented in each piece to confirm that Glyn Brown and C Giannetti are speaking a altered fashion dialect to any other up-and-coming, independent designer of their generation. As small as the collection may be, perhaps it is best we wait for what the duo may bring next, both independently and jointly.

The collection will release as a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE at our online store in the coming weeks

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