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ADYN – White Drop

w1Ive had the pleasure of working with one of the most promising brands coming out of the UK right now, ADYN.

ADYN is a meeting of three minds.  The three minds in question who will remain anonymous for the moment where brought together while all working for the same fashion brand.  Although from different backgrounds their vision was one, to create a conceptual range of products that would question the basics of mens and womenswear, a new genre with no rules.  Drawn from a palette of monochromatic shades and graphic lines  these pieces would not be trend led, they would feel at home in any wardrobe and remain timeless.

ADYN is an abbreviation of the word ANDROGYNOUS.  The literal definition of androgynous is: Being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behaviour.  And this is exactly what the ADYN concept stands for.  We are neither one or the other, we remain in the middle offering a unisex product. Sophisticated in its aesthetic and shape it remains simple and finds is character from the wearer, the product is what you want it to be

“Our inspirations are taken from everything we look at, we strive to be inspired everyday.  Photography, nature, fabrics,  the past the future, now…our eyes remain open at all times.”

With regards to their colour palette, ADYN  keep it strictly monochrome. They believe this is a very sophisticated colour palette, one which will remain timeless and also requires a real style to wear well.  The next eagerly anticipated drop from the label is ADYN WHITE.  Expect the same simple silhouettes and details but in a completely white colour-way.   This is an exiting move from the ADYN team and one that confirms that they are committed to pushing the boundaries of the brand.  Although the ADYN team are keeping their cards close to their chests they assure us that there are some exiting plans in the pipeline for the rest of SS13 and AW13.

The “White” collection drops Tuesday 30/04/13 @ – Don’t sleep numbers are EXTREMELY limited

You can shop the signature ADYN T-shirts at online store here


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