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Askyurself – Coming Soon….


Keeping things moving and continuing to grow we would like to introduce you to the latest brand to join the Ejderforlife family; Askyurself.

In response to the feedback gathered from our questionnaire we have managed to bring you some more affordable attire without cutting back on design and quality.

We had the chance to catch up with Chris Neu, who is the founder and creative director of Askyurself


What is the idea of aλ / askλurself?

aλ is influenced by basketball, skate, music and streetwear. The idea is to mix these styles to one exclusive product.

Why these categories?

In my past I spent my time with basketball, skateboarding, music and fashion escpecially streetwear and sneakers. I try to combine it with clothing: some kind of expression, telling without words. I was interested in everything fashion show, sneakers, woman clothes, Haute couture, designs (architecture, furniture, etc.) I always ask myself (askyurself): Who made this? What´s the story behind this shape, material, details? Who use this? Who own this? … It´s like a little kid that is fascinated by new things surrounding him. But the most important thing is: Everything that´s new or unkown you´ll always ask yourself some questions that will give you more knowledge and another point of view.


What´s so special about aλ / askλurself?

I always prefer to wear simple clothes that match everything, clothes that match with sneakers or boots. It should be simple but special. The clothes should look similar but not the same. Every product should have a special feature for example the 2014 collection: a print ends in the middle of the tank, a one-side zipper, a leather cuff or polyester sleeves that look like leather. Maybe it´s just black or all white and the feature makes it ugly, beautiful, comfortable, classy, etc. “beauty is in the eye of the beholder“. But ask yourself: Why is there just one zipper? Why is there faux leather on a sweatshort? Why does the print ends in the middle? Why are these sleeves so soft? … there are some more questions you can ask about it but we want you to answer these questions, try to find the answer(s) and make your decision, it´s an everyday-situation.


Do aλ / askλurself use colors?

Of course, but just one color and/or a simple basic design some kind of creative print or a logo prints / stitchung that matches everything. Classic & simple is also an important issue for the label.

What are the future ideas / development?

Everyone has its own story. aλ / askλurself is looking for ideas, experiences, collaborations, athletes, artists, “competitor”, musicians to create continuously new and innovative products. One hand washes the other. aλ / askλurself is not looking for any “design-fights” or “enimies”, like the individuality of every human, the strenght is to support and help each other, learn from mistakes and get on the next level. We are all different but we are all humans, same race different look. So: BE DIFFERENT – BE YOURSELF


Stay tuned for a release date coming very soon

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