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Au Courant – drifter 122:14

‘Post-apocalypse’ and ‘nomad-apparel’ are not words that are usually tossed around in conversations relating to fashion. Yet it stands out in Au Courant’s latest ‘Book of Eli’ inspired Spring-Fourteen collection titled: drifter 122:14. The collection aims to represent Eli’s isolated journey through the post-apocalyptic barren land that is America.

Au Courant has long displayed a resilient interest in experimentation and minimalism, which has often made their consistent collections a renovation of the last (collection) as opposed to a new, unfamiliar, entity within their apparel. Yet, this is Au Courant’s most interesting collection to date. Charmed by its own imagination, the collection’s apparel is inspired by stories of nomadic territorial war, harsh weather conditions and the scars of adventure. The varied tops and legwear have tweaks on a craftier register, largely relating to texture and fit. The silhouettes are still recognisably Au Courant, from the layered sweatpants to the relaxed, blouse-like long tops and signature use of the kilt. But new experimentation with the ‘destroyed’ texture and the introduction of denim adds breadth and richness to the collection.

We are pleased to announce that Au Courant: ‘drifter 122:14’ will be coming soon to EjderForLife.

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