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BTS with Lumières by Kai

Lumières by Kai’s S/S 2014 p.1 “Year of the Horse” from Lumières By Kai on Vimeo.

Blending the retrograde aesthetics of VHS with the ideals of a ‘new year’ inspires a nostalgic watch on life, much to the progressive and energetic philosophy of Lumières by Kai. Enlisting the visual aid of Gabe of UZI and the acoustic merit of WondaGurl, Lumières constructs an explicit behind-the-scenes film of the “Year of the Horse” Collection. The distorted melody of WondaGurl’s effort echoes throughout the film while UZI transforms the streets of Lower Manhattan into visuals reminiscent of a 90s skateboarding demo.

Production Credits:

LUMIÈRES By Kai Nguyen
Collection:Year of the Horse 2014
Shot and Edited by: Uzi
Instrumental by: WONDAGURL
Models: Kai Nguyen, Glyn Brown, Jovon Hendersen, Luka Sabat and Sarah Snyder.

We are proud to announce that Lumières “Year of The Horse Collection” will be coming soon to EjderForLife.

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