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Modern youth culture has developed an individual, outsider vocabulary that has penetrated the realms of fashion and moulded crusades of self-regulating expression. Well, that much is clear from the various young brands that manifest themselves within a small, yet industrious and innovative section of fashion. But what is key to a crusade is devotion and a devotion to aesthetic is key to C2H4 Los Angles. The young brand, founded earlier this year, cultivates itself
with a clear philosophy of mixing the ‘simple form’ with thehighest quality and clashing American west and east coast inspiration with the cultures that dominate China’s growing streetwear presence.

Skirt shorts, double zippers, flannels, perforations, unfastened and oversized layering…everything is freely tailored and everything moves freely on even the simplest forms. Elongated flannels adorned with zippers for freedom and double-zip hoodies bear a feeling of growth and an appreciation of contemporary streetwear implications, whilst destroyed hoodies and skirt shorts play a more avant-garde melody. Nonetheless, C2H4 is young and while it’s implication of existing streetwear trends is unmistakable, it has a bright future and a timeless first capsule collection.

We are happy to announce that C2H4’s first capsule collection will be available at EjderForLife Sunday 8/6/14 at 8pm UK time




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