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EJDER is a modern and progressive online retail platform. A multi-brand collective born out of a genuine appreciation for avant-garde and contemporary fashion. Our remit is to discover, curate, collaborate and connect a new generation of menswear designers with our customers.


A juxtaposition of artistry and the need to fashion the footings for a new generation of menswear designers creates the subtle foundations from which EJDER was created.

We are an independent online boutique that showcases some of the most exciting, emerging and underground talent in the realm of progressive and, what we like to call, ‘rebellious yet contemporary fashion’.

We have a passionate focus on menswear and pride ourselves on being ambassadors for a cult of designers that are architects for the advancement of menswear.


With an unquenchable appetite for fresh menswear perspectives, we have generated a large following that has marked us an instrumental force in contemporary menswear and has prompted us to execute a series of pop-up stores. The concept behind these “global” pop-up stores is not only to demonstrate our global reach but also test the notion of a permanent physical store. Instead we believe that e-commerce and pop-up stores are more relevant in today’s market and better suited to the cutting edge leaders of today’s fashion culture.

These concepts form the essence of our approach to building a creative environment that fosters a connection between fellow creatives and erects a progressive platform in which innovation is nurtured and achieved.


Recognising the perpetual and evolving state of menswear, our selection is spirited and does not bow to the pressures of commerciality within menswear. Our offerings are driven by passion, culture and progressivity.

Our aim is to deliver an equally dynamic single source entry point for customers and designers to connect that’s not just relevant to current and future cultures but also forward facing retail experiences.

EJDER will continue to move forward and adapt as a creative force, assisting new and emerging designers in maximising their potential whilst maintaining a dynamic and singular approach to expression within fashion.


Simon, the founder of EJDER, has always maintained an avid interest in different cultures, which in turn has developed his eclectic sense of style. Following an around-the-world trip Simon became inspired by the array of independent boutiques selling distinctive designs.

Upon his return to the UK Simon was driven to create a platform that would provide new and independent designers with an opportunity to showcase their creations, the likes of which he had stumbled across on his travels. And so, EJDER was born.

Promptly growing into a celebrated blog, EJDER highlighted a latent demand for cutting-edge street, rebellious and progressive fashion. In response Simon launched EJDER’s online boutique, which marries such fashion sensibilities with a focus on avant-garde wear.

By personally curating the apparel of EJDER’s store, Simon has formed the foundations for a progressive fashion culture that thrives on a rebellious spirit.