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Darien Bruze – Coming Soon

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Marrying the notorious feud of the East Coast-West Coast beckons memoirs of ‘Hit ‘Em Up’, ‘Who Shot Ya?’ and an unfortunate decline in what so many called the ‘Golden Era’ of Hip-Hop. Yet Darien Bruze defies the notion of a lost era, and artistically wagers that defiance with the support of apparel that respectfully pays homage to Death Row Records and Bad Boy Records; with the likes of Diddy, Tupac, Snoop and Biggie making a firm stand for their label on the back and front of various garments. Darien Bruze’s ability to step away from models of contemporary typographic designs is refreshing and breathes life into an area of streetwear that is regularly overlooked.

We are happy to announce that we will be stocking the new pieces at our online store this Monday, 8pm UK time.

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