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EJDER has and always will work to challenge racism and build positive environments and experiences that welcome and promote young black talent from all over the globe. However, given the recent BLM response since the death of George Floyd, we have created a project to share our philosophy on creating macro change through micro action.⁣

If we all invested as much effort into local action than global commentary, gradually the sum of our effective local action would result in global change. This is the approach EJDER advocates: localised community action. ⁣

To demonstrate that in action we have linked up with young black business owner Daryl Chambers who is the founder of InPower, an organisation that works with young people from a broad range of backgrounds to support them in personal development and ultimately realising their inner greatness. ⁣

We love what Daryl is doing for our local community and wanted to take action to support him, the organisation and the young people who participate in their programmes.