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Designing Revolution, Keys from Guillermo Andrade

Paris, France; Guillermo Andrade is soul-searching. Though, not for himself but for America’s attachment to it’s true identity.

Forever a revolutionary, Guillermo believes it has been lost since Donald Trump’s appointment; an appointment plagued by concerns about Russian corroborations, prejudice and adultery. “Win the Olympics so we can put you on a fucking McDonalds commercial”, he jokes, enthusiastically. And this is where he shines, for his ability to maintain a balancing act of persuasive enthusiasm and pragmatic intelligence is a leading formula for the contemporary entrepreneur and activist. He’s the American Dream of the Trump era; disruptive, non-traditional in business approaches, loud-as-hell-about-injustice and, above all, successful.

There’s small notes here: from brand-building to sustaining values, growing a business, developing and uplifting a community and launching the appropriate counterattacks on Trump rhetoric; Guillermo is here to teach.

Film: Prince Greene Editing: Fiyin Olayide