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Homegrown Sales and PR agency EHEBLY launched earlier in the year. They are based in Amsterdam but have bonds with brands
and collectives globally and assisting international menswear brands is their specialty. They are a small team compiled of two very sharp-eyed young
ladies; one editor in chief and one photographer. EHEBLY is the duo’s creative child, produced after many years of fashion industry service and in addition, after three years of building a wide network and little black book of creative contacts. In a business that is becoming more and more competitive by the minute, EHEBLY pride themselves on selecting only the finest of contemporary and innovative brands to work alongside and personally shoot in an attempt to set them apart. Based upon that notion we teamed up with EHEBLY during our recent escapades in Paris to document some brands we took out there.

As a UK based online retailer we also understand the importance of pushing and supporting fresh brands and designers, so it was only right we took the opportunity to create something memorable once their paths had crossed. A few exciting brands were selected such as Shane Gonzales’ Midnight Studios, 424 and C2H4. Pieces from the lines were mixed, styled and fitted on Paris-based model and good friend Nahuel Serrano. The outcome has a very relaxed feel and casual vibe which reflects the accessibility and wearability of the brands used. With Serrano’s youthful demeanor and the air of nonchalance that the shoot portrayed EHEBLY have very much captured the zeitgeist and somewhat rebellious, free feel that fashion seems to have at the moment.

EHEBLY aim to work alongside EJDER again and have just launched their new website where you will be able to view this along side some of their other work whilst gaining a deeper insight to their brand. You will also be able to gain access to an exclusive discount code which can be redeemed at our online store

Photographer: Amanda Elise Kuipers
Model: Nahuel Serrano
Editor in Chief: EHEBLY

Written by: Sophie French