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EJDER at H.A Weekend


Last weekend EjderForLife were asked to hold a pop-up space at the Hot Air Weekend Festival hosted by Air Media. The pop-up store space boasted a boutique of brands and designers ranging from England’s finest; Represent, to the other side of the planet with Korean brand Rocked Garage, and meeting in the middle with MRCNOIR Paris, plus loads of others.


IMG_3650IMG_3568 IMG_3627 IMG_3718

The weekend gave the EJDER customers a chance to buy Glyn Brown’s 448c collaboration with Gioventu NYC before it’s official online release on Wednesday, exclusive to EDJER store. 448c x Gioventu NYC bombers and hockey jerseys will be available April 23 at 9pm UK time.


The weekend overall was a great success and was an enjoyable experience for everyone that took part and turned up to support.

IMG_3759 IMG_3750 IMG_3731 IMG_3672 IMG_3670 IMG_3667 IMG_3625 IMG_3562IMG_3769

On the saturday evening, there was a small press party with a DJ set from EJDER’s Maxhprt and OGHORSE’s very own OG Ya Boi.

IMG_3659 IMG_3602


Official HA Weekend recap video coming soon.

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