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EJDER in Paris: Video Recap

With the buzz of Menswear PFW still ringing fresh in our ears, we wanted to review our most recent pop-up store and launch party that took place in Paris.  The aim was to bring accessibility to fresh, new designers as well as some long standing classics such as Dope Chef and to do so on international territory.  As hard as it has been in recent years for British brands to wow Parisian’s and  just as it is has been for Parisian designers to impress a Londoner, both have stood their grounds on what they believe to be ‘good taste’.  EJDER intend to bridge that gap in a beautifully compromising mix.


With a handful of successful pop-up stores under our London belt, we recently flew to Paris to set up at the A2 boutique store nestled in between the 10e and 2e arrondissements, where we showcased a small refined collection of EJDER brands such as MISBHV, Places + Faces and Midnight Studios. C2H4 also launched their new collection alongside a collaborative piece between themselves and EJDER designed by Youth of Paris.  In addition Dope Chef released a ‘Zion rock band’ tee exclusive that coincided with the EJDER pop-up.


With a humble attendance to the pop-up standing at a few hundred, our objectives were most certainly met.  People networked, brands were introduced, it was a cultural gathering for people that are fiercely passionate and also in turn those that are curious.  As well being a meeting point for creatives, the space at A2 was utilised as a retailing spot and more importantly as stated pre-pop up … ‘a public showroom where people can touch and physically connect with the brand/s in store’.


EJDER’s visit wasn’t finished there however, we threw a party with Aaucarre which was presented by ONO  at Pigalle hotspot ‘Le Carmen’, a typically Parisian venue avec floor to ceiling renaissance paintings and sculpture, oversized birdcages and red mood lighting.  Keeping in line with the EJDER intent for bringing attention to new designers and brands, we thought it best to round off and round up some new music also.  Carefully selecting artists that are bubbling in the undercurrent such as Sony’s newest signing ‘Bonkaz’ and Relax Record’s ‘J $tash’ from the U.S. together with Places + Faces, Ken Rebel, Swifa Beater, Guillaume Berg with hosts Montaigne Street  taking over two floors at Le Carmen, it was truly a night to be remembered.  EJDER aim to return for the next PFW, stay tuned for all things new, fresh and artistically relevant.

Words by Sophie French