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EJDER Style and Sit Down with J $TASH

We recently caught up with  J-$tash for a quick Shoot and  Q&A

Covering everything from the Japanese Charts to Grime and Kanye’s Adidas Colab, we get an insight in to the mind of one of the most interesting, emerging personalities in the game right now.

The shoot, styled by Oscar and Simon of EJDER is all about refined rebellion, harnessing J-$tash’s dynamic street persona and aligning that with a range of looks that not many would expect to see the rapper attire

The shoot embraces freedom and expands boundarieswhich reflects the EJDER way.

Brands featured include,  D.Gnak, Thom Krom, Berthold, Rains and Filling Pieces which can also be found at  our online store 



Q1: Give us a bit of an intro / background to J $tash

Whats Up, Im J $tash, Im A 21 Year Old Entrepreneur.


Q2: How much of a part does the Internet play with your success on Japanese international song -hiroi sekai- and your big following in Europe?

I Mean The Hiroi Sekai, Was Popping Way Before It Got Really Famous On Vine, But The Internet Did Contribute A lot. As Far As My Success In Europe I Can Say The Internet Helped That Too.


Q3: What’s the allure of working in Europe and Japan as opposed to the states where most US rappers focus their efforts?

Its Different. Different Vibes, Different Inspiration, I’m More Motivated Working out Of The Country. 


Q4: Are you currently signed? We saw you mixing with rebel life and Ian Conner at the pop up store are there any plans for music collaboration in the works or maybe a foray into fashion and design?

Right Now I Am Not Signed, Ian Connor Is My Brother We Always Working, Ken Rebel Just Did A Song With My Artist Kenny Turnup aswell


Q5: We noticed you really embraced the cultural aspect of the EJDER x M+RC NOIR Popup event and was even free styling with kids on the street, how did you find the whole Weekend?

I Mean It Was Cool, That Was My First Time Actually In London.


Q6: How do you feel about the UK music scene and how it compares to the wider international music movement?

Growing Up I Always Liked Grime, Especially From A Jamaican Background I Was Always In Tune. 


Q7: Which UK artists are you listening to right now?

Skepta & Jme


Q8: What about grime and homegrown  British music is fuelling the huge exposure that it’s getting from the states right now, and why do you think that hasn’t happened earlier?

I Feel Like It Hasn’t Really Happened Earlier Because The Main Stream People Weren’t Really Hip To It.


Q9: How do the brands / clothes you wear impact you as a rapper? Do you stay with particular brands or are you always seeking out new designs/brands?

To Me Clothes Is Just Clothes. I Just Like Wearing High Fashion Shit Just Because Niggas I Know Aint Up On That, & This Shit Cost Money.


Q10: What do you think of the latest Kanye x Adidas colab?  And those prices?

I don’t Care About It.


Q11: So after your recent successes where to next and what can we expect from J-$tash in the coming months?

Im Just Trying To Glo Up & Be More Global, Im Dropping More Projects This Year Just Stay Tuned.


Credits :

Model: J $tash

Photography: Hamish Stephenson

Styling: Simon & Oscar Jay from EJDER

Written by Josh John and Simon Suphandagli


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