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EJDER x 448c x Gioventu Pop-up


Last weekend, fashion-forward and style-headed guys and girls from all over London, even England, came to the first physical EjderForLife shop, which was open for no more than a total of 14 hours. The first EjderForLife pop-up shop was a collaboration with Glyn Brown’s 448c and Gioventu NYC, and was located just by Bond Street, one of the most prominent and well respected streets in the world when it comes to High End Fashion. Given we launched our website in May 2013, just 8 months ago, we were more than emotional to see the turn out.

On Saturday, the queues started at around 8:30AM and ended at 7:30PM, after we told our supporters the first 50 customers to arrive, would receive a free gift with their purchase, which as they would see on the day, was a Represent Lanyard.

Doors opened just past 11:00 and customers were greeted with great warmth by the staff, Max, Simon and Jobe among others who were helping out. The exclusive collab by Lumieres and EjderForLife sold out almost instantly, and soon, special guests Glyn Brown, and Justine Skye, Atlantic Records’ Singer-Songwriter, were met by a group of screaming girls and were happy to take pictures and sign autographs for all their fans.

King of the Youth, Ian Connor also arrived and was met by many fans, one of whom was Aaron Chapman, who gave Ian a painting of him which later went on Ian’s twitter and Instagram. It was an amazing experience for the fans of EjderForLife to not only get to see their shop to have got to this level, but to meet the people they have been inspired by and have been following, whether it have been a day, or since the start.

The pop-up shop was a huge success for everyone involved. The noisy crowd of creative and trendy young mind’s, let alone the profits made and it proved just how key the role of fashion is in today’s youth.

“It’s our first ever physical presence and the police were called because our queue was blocking off the entrance and exit to Bond Street Station.” – Max Furr

If that’s not a quote of success then I don’t know what is.


Here’s a selection of photos from our supporters over the weekend. We want to thank everyone who came to show love.


There are more photos to come, and if you have any from the weekend that you’d like to add, send them to us at


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Video by Chuck Noah and Hamish Stephenson.

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