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Escaping S.U.S

With references steeped in internet, counterculture and surveillance, EJDER questions methods of escape from a regulated society

How do you escape? Referencing the concept of a community outside of regulated and surveyed urban society, EJDER’s ‘SUS’ Editorial flips that concept on its head and instead states that the youth must uphold their sovereignty and winning-streak by battling surveillance and being consciously aware of its presence.

Featuring brands such as 424, MISBHV and EJDER’s new SUS Merchandise Collection – which is propelled with references steeped in internet, counterculture and surveillance – the styling grounds the fighting youth. And, with the SUS collection featuring black tie-dye, unmissable colours and statement graphic detailing, fighting surveillance has become easier: call +447934847649 to find out more

The S.U.S merchandise collection can now by purchased at EJDER

Art Direction: Hiten Ashra Photographer: Chuck Noah
Stylist: Giorgia Zilani Model: Sosu
Graphic Design: Jordan Mitchell