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Exclusive Interview With danhprt

For those of you who don’t know who danhprt is, now is your chance to earn your degree in all things… Well, “hprt”. The internet-based designer and artist who focuses largely on typography and graphic design goes by the alias of “danhprt”, a clean anagram for his real name, Dan Hoopert.

Dan has taken the design world by storm in the last couple of months, having his work featured in major publications such as Wired Magazine, H.Fructose Mag, Trend Hunter and Typography Served. If you don’t believe us, just Google him!

Hey what’s up Dan, how you feeling today?
Been up since 6 this morning but other than that I’m pretty good!

How’s work?
I’m currently working on a few projects ranging from fashion to UI, I’m happy with the variety of work I’m getting at the moment, I’m always open to new and interesting projects people might have for me.

Your artwork always seems to make the eye happy. Do you work with concepts in your art? Or do you just create what you feel is aesthetically pleasing?
When I can, I always prefer to work behind a concept, however more often than not I end up creating things that I simply think look ‘nice’. Its sort of a bad habit I’m trying to get out of, I have a lot of respect for work that combines both of these aspects, and I want my work to be the same.

Are there any artists or designers that you look at for inspiration?
There’s a huge amount of people I look up to across different areas of design, Tobias van Schneider, Rizon Parein and Martin Oberhäuser are a few off the top of my head. When I first started designing I was really into motion graphics, I’ve been following Onur Senturk’s work for a long time and still get amazed by each new project.

Do you think you’d ever like to take your trunk of work to different branches? Would you ever like to experiment with fashion, product design etc?
Definitely. Despite primarily doing typography work, I’m still always experimenting and developing skills in different areas of design. I don’t like the idea of slipping into a single category of design and loosing the chance to branch out. I’m currently working on a really interesting project with a pretty well-known young fashion designer. But I can’t disclose anything right now.

Wireframe Typography
‘Wire’ by Dan Hoopert

‘Wire’ was my first typography project, made in my second year of college. I’ve been taken back by how well it has done, most of my exposure as a designer has come from this project.

Following the success of my wire type project, I wanted to explore the theme further. With the Quick Brown Fox piece I liked the idea of creating something that would be seemingly impossible to re-create physically.

‘The Quick Brown Fox’ by Dan Hoopert
‘Roots’ by Dan Hoopert

There is a rough artistic function behind this design, the contrast of the roots and the skull. Each representing very different things, life and death, it also played a valid part in my choice of colour. 


‘Low-poly Weather App’ 
by Dan Hoopert

This concept started out as a personal project to create a simple weather app.

The design behind it came about by basing everything largely around user experience, rather than a checklist of specific content.

In terms of the actual design itself,  at the time there was a lot of low poly style stuff floating around the internet that I really liked. I especially admired Timothy J. Reynold’s work. So I simply thought why not incorporate this style into a weather app.

I really enjoyed this project as it was a change from my usual work. And it definitely opened a few doors into the app development world.

Dan created a short demonstration of how the app would work here.

Dan Hoopert will be releasing a very limited run of The Quick Brown Fox prints on the webstore over the next few days at an affordable price.

For more information on danhprt and detailed looks into his work, go to his Behance page and his Tumblr.

Or follow him on Instagram & Twitter @danhprt.

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