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Japan 'Experiment' Series

Exploring Eastern styles and how EJDER-own accessories can rest within cultures.

Following a brief trip to Nihon’s capital, Tokyo, we look back on a short series of experimental shots with the locals.

Japan is a place notorious for its forward-facing, sometimes otherworldly fashion trends. For the sake of a worthwhile investigation, we thought it worth sharing our EJDER Bag with ordinary Japanese civilians, to see how it is adopted and incorporated into their lives.

From construction workers to women in traditional yukatas, our item is blended into the person's outerwear in a way that accommodates the lifestyle of the wearer; our subjects styled the pouch themselves, sometimes showing interesting positions besides the twenty-eighteen trend - slung-over-torso.

The land of the Rising Sun continues to act as an inspiration, demonstrating a freedom of expression, as exhibited by the individuals throughout this series. It’s certainly reassuring to see so many confidant in their own styles, reminding us that we can be the same.