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L’Animale – Correspondence

There is something uncanny about the “feathers” that sit on the t-shirts of L’Animale’s latest collection, titled “Correspondence”. The feathers almost inspire memories of warriors, glorifying their might in a wealth of exotic yarns and furs that would beautify their outerwear. Yet there is also modernity in the design, primarily in form of the materials. The use of neoprene, synthetic fibers and polyester materials reminds us of the various street trends that also take hold of such materials. Nevertheless, L’Animale aims to show that these materials, although standard and easy to come by, can be used to create masterpieces.

We are happy to announce that we will be stocking selected items from L’Animale’s Correspondence on EjderForLife this Saturday at 6pm.  SHOP HERE


Photography by Hamish Stephenson

IMG_1973IMG_1987 IMG_1971 IMG_1967 IMG_1960IMG_1921IMG_1900 IMG_1894IMG_1892


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