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Lease On Life Society – FW 13-14

Editorial Lead 2 Bomber No Text

Lease on Life Society was conceived in 2010 by founder Ev Bravado (Everard Best). However, as a brand we did not release our first collection until fall 2012. Lease on Life Society stands for hope. Lease on Life Society proclaims that it is never too late to “renew one’s lease on life”. It is never too late to change one’s perspective on life. We hold these values dear to us. All products are made in New York by Nigel Best and Everard Best. The father and son duo aims to make sure each product is made with the utmost care and no detail is left aside. We are currently leaders of the new school and are redefining the traditions of fashion.

We are pleased to announce that Lease On Life Society will release at our online store this Friday at 9pm UK time

Editorial 1 Editorial 3 Shaktail No Text Editorial 4 Tunic No-Text Editorial 5 Tunic No-Text Editorial 6 Arc Sweater No-Text Editorial 7 Cropped Hoodie No-Text Editorial 8 Bomber No-Text Editorial 9 Bomber No Text2516516_orig



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