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Lumiéres Presents: American Freedom

This week we got the chance to have a word with Kai Nguyen – the founder and lead designer for Lumieres – about his latest collection, “American Freedom”.


 Here’s the interview below.

What’s up Kai?
Not much, busy! Just launched my visuals and lookbook, also announced the release date of the collection as well as a contest.

Shit really seems to be kicking off for you right now…
Hell yeah, but I’m still not where I want it to be, on a scale of 1-10, it’s only at 6-7, I want it to be around 8-9 by the release date. I love the support I’m getting at this moment though and I’m very grateful.

What was your inspiration behind the American Freedom project?
During History class I had a really good conversation with my teacher about what it really means to be an american, because I only came to America 5 years ago. When I went home that night, I looked up some interesting stuff, I came across this guy who served in WWII. Apparently he took down 50 tanks and hundreds of people all by himself, and he’s only 5’4. After the war he had shell-shock, so he shut himself in a hotel room and got over it. Later that year he became a hollywood actor… I thought he was the baddest mf ever.

That’s dope! How do you think you’ve progressed since your last session with EjderForLife?lum4
I come a long way in my opinion, just still not where I want to be. But I’m glad I can pull something like this off being a kid in a small town relying on nothing but the internet. I hope I will get better and bigger from now on…

We see you’ve got the King of the Youth wearing and promoting the collection, how did that come about?
lum2Haha, was chilling on twitter one day, I figured I’d give it a try, nothing to lose… So I hit up Ian to help me out, and not even half a minute, he already replied saying that he love it and he want to model. So I flew him out to me in Minnesota and it went from there. It’s rare that Ian Connor says yes to brands so I was fortunate I guess.

What can we expect from Lumieres over the next few months leading into fall and winter?
I got a few plans for Red October, since I’ve always been a huge fan of hiphop music! But as of right now I’m working on S/S 2014 with a few people, including graphics and cut/sewn pieces. 

Any top-secret info we can squeeze out of you in terms of who you’re working with?!
Haha all I’m saying in response to that is danhprt, if you know you know. 

lum3The American Freedom capsule collection will be releasing on July 20, 6pm UK Time on the Lumieres online store. Competition rules below.


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Do all 3 to increase your chance of winning. Competition ends July 28. Best of luck!


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