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Mago Dovjenko



Perhaps the most fascinating part of Mago Dovjenko’s work is hearing the spat of colour thump his blank canvas as you view his work. Or perhaps it’s his fixation with taking culturally significant icons and transforming them into projections of the fashion industry. From Givenchy, Comme des Garçons to younger names such as Hood By Air, Mago explicitly flirts with today’s commercial obsessions, the growing popularity of high-fashion among youths and the icons that inspire the latter. His work bleeds innovation, fun, but more importantly it has a strong social background.

Figurative art maybe; Mago’s work dissects and reconfigures. Faces, weapons of war and common objects are broken down into their component parts, rearranged in perfect irregular patterns and finally rebuilt in a muddle of colours. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” comes to mind upon viewing his completed pieces. Abstract maybe; his work comes with an organic and psychedelic finish, the use of energetic colours patterned with complex alignments almost suggests organised chaos.

Mago’s ventures into fashion are no different with his approach even more pioneering. Rather than electing for the traditional collaboration, in the sense of ‘designer hires artist for designs’, Mago handles himself as both fashion designer and art director; effectively blending his art with fashion. And even if you could pick out ideals of the various designers that inspire his work, Mago’s finished products have a profile and proportion that is, to be frank, Mago. Flashes of his vibrant, almost chaotic, art create an overwhelming impression on the front of a sweatshirt and the back of a t-shirt and most importantly an overwhelming impression of the amazing compatibility of art and fashion.

With an already jaw dropping client list including,  Nike,  SONY, ASAP, Rocky, Wiz and G-Dragon to name but a few, we are extremely proud to announce that Mago Dovjenko’s Artwork and Fashion will be coming soon to EjderForLife.

In the mean time head over to his site for more of an in depth look at his work:



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