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Oozee styled by Ejderforlife


This is the second post from our latest EjderForLife in house shoot, and this time we’re focussing on OOZEE.

You may recognise OOZEE from their viral “Automatic Weapons” jerseys which have made their rounds on every social network platform on the web.

The moderately priced jerseys are perfect for any streetwear outfit with a controversial edge. Whether you simply like the composition of text, or you want to scare old people as you’re walking down the street, the Automatic Weapons jersey is a great addition to any wardrobe.

We are pleased to annouce the much anticipated release now has a date

Wednesday 21st August 2013 9pn BST

We will be releasing both the black and white jerseys in extremely limited quantities


Photography by

Modelled by:


Styled by Simon Suphandagli & Max Furr of


_58A9445---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9488---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9493---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9525---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9400---Ejder---Greenwich

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