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Open Studio––Ryan Hawaii & Aaron Kudi

Beginning as an in-kind grant from forward-thinking, sharing based AppearHere, we were able to trial Open Studio as a prelude to our upcoming OpenForum.

Ryan Hawaii and Aaron Kudi chose to unite as a creative duo for our first instalment of Open Studio—the two both chose an exploration of materiality, though from two very different angles.

Kudi's focus revolved around the lifespan and cycle of clothes, playing with the context of Open Studio existing within an underground station too. His impromptu installation mounted on the wall with an accompanying pile of clothing, ready to be repurposed and recycled into fresh uniforms for the Transport For London teams.

Hawaii's approach was much different, choosing to utilise the space as a literal studio with which he begun an assembly line, customising and producing garments continuously while in the space for the two days.

Open Studio also acted as an apt platform for people already interested in the works of Catford Factory or Goeie Kateon, while also enabling a very honest and intimate outreach to members of the public too.

Watch our simple recap below.