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Pick Up – Rick Owens Ramone




Rick Owens “Ramone” Sneakers

These were deffinatley  an “acquired taste” for me, and I spent alot of time deliberating weather to get the Ramone or Geobaskets

There is no doubt that the Geobasket is an “Iconic” piece, however, I decided to go for the Ramones for the following reasons;

I feel the Ramone is a better shoe for the summer and thus will get more wear out of them in the up and coming months

I also wanted something different and a bit more low-key – Geos seem to be eveywhere I look right now

Anyway here are some close ups, fit pics coming soon……


IMG_9465 IMG_9466 IMG_9469 IMG_9471 IMG_9472 IMG_9480

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