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Represent Venegence Collection

Represent Clo is perhaps best known for its ability to match, modernise and challenge contemporary street-wear trends. And with a passionate devotion to creating pieces that complement the body’s movements, the British label has fashioned their path to becoming one of street-wears trendy, yet affordable clothing destinations. In their latest release, titled ‘The Vengeance Capsule’, the label presents a small selection of modernised MA-1 Flight Jackets, which are companied by double-headed zippers and gathered sleeves, and scooped hand-distressed T-Shirts crafted with raw-edge cotton.

While the apparel showcased in the capsule matches the current trends and continues to establish the street influences of Represent Clo as a whole, what is truly great about this capsule is the point that each piece is crafted in harmony with the other to make for precise layering. Represent Clo continues to grow and offer selections of reasonable and fashionable pieces that are restructured with their own innovative moniker.

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