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Rocked Garage Restock


Rocked Garage holds a certain sway within their apparel, the various shirts, sweatshirts and singular neoprene jacket continues to be a favourite amongst our customers. The use of side-zips on checked shirts ranging from blue, red and black has taken the helm as one of the most exciting, if not appealing, garments in today’s street culture. And the neoprene bomber jacket boasts the same might.

Yet Rocked Garage has taken the use of the zipper a step further by placing it on a dragon inspired hoodie. Formally known as the ‘Rocke Dragon Hoody’, the garment takes on the appearance of the mythological creature’s reptilian scales while YKK zips run vertically up the hoody’s arms.

We are happy to announce that existing Rocked Garage products will be restocked Saturday 22 Feb 2014, 6pm UK time, at EjderForLife, with the addition Rocked Garage’s ‘Rocke Dragon Hoody’ in both black and grey.


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