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Superrradical Debut Collection

This evening, New York’s Tyler Grosso released his collection for sale to the world entitled “Superrradical“. (Yes, three “R”s.) The self proclaimed “shooter for ASAP” had the ATL Twins and Ian Connor model the collection for his lookbook and put together this cool VHS video.


It’s streetwear infused with conceptual artistic functions and an aesthetically pleasing palette of colours and composition. The collection has a varied range of concepts and fanbases. From a shrine to Stone Cold Steve Austin for all the wrestling fans, to a Promethazine purple coach jacket for all the Actavis bandits. I’ll let the clothes do the speaking for themselves and stop talking shit…


Last thing I will say however, is that this is probably the first collection I’ve seen in a while where I honestly am desperate for every product.




You can shop the collection here.


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