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The Nuance Collection by Ejderforlife


We’ve been busy  styling again, this time round its The Nuance Collection. We have been working with these guys for several months now and we were really pleased to of had  the opportunity to put together a styled shoot for the brand

The Nuance Collection is now available here 


Photography by

Modelled by:


Styled by Simon Suphandagli, Max Fur and Jobe Burnsr of Ejderforlife


_58A9878---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9928---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9961---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9917---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9906---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9953---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9958---Ejder---Greenwich _58A9988---Ejder---Greenwich






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