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Welcome to The Nuance Collection


Keeping things moving  we are extremely proud do introduce the Nuance Collection to Ejderforlife

Nuance is the blend of high end couture fashion and street wear, combining to create luxury garments that reflect the quality and vision of our label.

Created in Australia by brothers James and Jesse, the brand represents an idea to bring avant garde concepts to reality. 

Hand crafted by our expert tailors, each garment has been individually created to ensure Nuance is of the highest quality, as well as being fitted and cut to perfection. All of our leathers and skins are sourced from South East Asia/ New Zealand and are carefully selected for quality and natural beauty. Our tailors then treat them to create the softest possible garments for the enjoyment of our customers.

Our 100% cotton bodies were manufactured in sweat shop free conditions and chosen to perfectly blend together with our luxury skins.

Nuance is dedicated to comfort, luxury and above all, quality. A garment from Nuance is accompanied by superb customer service and professionalism throughout the entirety of your transaction.


The collection is due to release at our online store very soon



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