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Who is YUSSUF?



We had the chance to steal a quick chat with Yussuf from  HCSYKIII 

EFL: So who is HCSYKIII?

Yussuf: My name is Yussuf Kassim Manzi. I was born in Tanga, Tanzania on the east coast of Africa, and moved to the United States at the age of six months. I was raised in Springfield Massachusetts, the birthplace of basketball.

Growing up, as a shy kid fashion was my only way of expressing myself without having to talk too much, it was a way to channel my creativity, be happy and comfortable with whom I was, without the need of being accepted by anyone.

 My parents were the ones who really installed the passion in me since I was kid, my father especially, he’s my biggest role model and he’s most certainly one of the biggest reasons why I love it to this day. While my peers were going out partying on the weekends, I spent time with my parents, traveling to many boutiques and stores and learning a variety of different styles, and brands. We would travel to New York at least two to three times a month just for the shopping.


EFL: How did you come to start the brand?

Yussuf: After I graduated from high school in 2010 I started my clothing line HCSYKIII (High Class Society). Starting my own brand was a big step for me to finally enter into the business world, and more importantly it gave me the chance to do what I love and that’s to create. I’m currently attending Berkeley College in Manhattan to study fashion marketing. Being able to move to New York was an extreme blessing. I’ve always had the hunger to prosper through life and contain productivity and this opportunity has allowed me to do so. It’s given me the environment where you truly have to work hard and be on top of your game everyday to even be considered as competition.  New York is no joke, and neither are your dreams.


EFL: So how are things going now?

Yussuf: Since I’ve started my brand I’ve had the blessing to sell my clothes through my online boutique to consumers from France, Australia, London, Germany and Canada. My pieces have sold well and are still being carried by the highly respected boutique shop in Northampton, MA called UNITE. Along with that I’ve also been given the opportunity to go to Canada to work with Beyond The Rack photographer Cody Caissie in Montreal, and conduct a photoshoot within the headquarters.


EFL: Where do you feel HCSYKIII sits within the market?

My job is to create, and I love every moment of it. The plan is to revolutionize any and everything I put my hands on. Luxury is the set standard, excellence is the bare minimum, and imagination is the only vision. I want to be able to provide timeless pieces of clothing that rival against trends, and epitomizes true style. HCSYKIII is much more than a product; it’s a lifestyle that embodies true elegance through high quality craftsmanship. Owing one of my pieces not only sets you apart, but puts you in the category of the elite taste-makers.


EFL: What does the future hold for  HCSYKIII?

YUSSUF: As far as my mission goes, I only plan to get better through the test of time, and to never lose my humble drive. I want to be able to inspire, and be inspired, so I want to be able to change the world, but at the same time continue to be level headed and humble enough to allow others to do the same for me.


We are really looking forward to working with HCSYKIII, stay tuned for more information regarding a future release


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